Hello and welcome to my blog!  A few years ago God placed this dream on my heart and through countless prayer and tears, that dream has become a reality.  I am no theologian by any means but this is what God has spoken to me.  These are my thoughts, revelations and random ideas.  This is me truly dreaming aloud.

I am a wife to my amazing husband, Brandon, and we have three beautiful children, Jude, Charlotte and Olivia Rae.  We live in Castle Rock, Colorado.  I love to spend time with my family and friends.


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  1. nonfrazzledmom says:

    Hi Jacqueline! Nice to ‘see’ you in the blogging world! I too, have taken a step of faith in the whole blog process. I’m really not a very good writer or blogger, but I can’t relieve the burden of expressing all God is doing in my life any other way. I’ve posted things (some really good and others really stupid or just plain wrong), only to delete them (many times), told my husband to “just take it down, I quit” and said things like “no one even looks at my blog any way”. He always says ‘no’ and somehow, I get inspired again haha. And. Google analytics and a few Facebook likes tell another story. When I’m truly speaking from my heart and sharing what God is sharing with me, the words just flow and so does the interaction from others. It takes time, and commitment, but I think we can use technology as a platform for evangelism and sharing truth and love with others… ‘out there’… wherever they are. Be encouraged and know someone here is following you! God bless your mission to share Him with those around you physically and in your cyber space!

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