Quiet Retreat

“You’re my place of quiet retreat; I wait of your Word to renew me” – Psalm 119:114 (MSG)

As I was doing my quiet time today I read this verse and it really spoke to my heart this afternoon.  I love the image of God being my place of quiet retreat.  As a mom I have really learned to appreciate my quiet time.  Don’t get me wrong, I love playing with my children but I really do love when nap time comes around.  Usually by the time nap time comes I am so exhausted both mentally and physically. I usually spend nap time responding to emails and paying bills but before I even begin any of that I get a cup of coffee and sit with my Bible and notebook on our couch.  Before I can begin the rest of my day, I take time to sit with God and allow Him to be my quiet retreat.  I spend time in His Word and meditate on what it says.  As I do, His Word to renews me.  It speaks to my life and sinks deep into my soul.  God desires to spend time with us.  He is waiting for us to take refuge in Him and find hope in His everlasting Word.  The NLT version of the verse says, “You are my refuge and my shield; your word is my source of hope”.  We can find hope in God’s word.  God’s word is a firm foundation on which we can build our lives.  I have found that in my quiet times with God, I am refreshed.  My spirit is revived and as I cling to the revelation of His Word, I can tackle anything life would bring my way because I have a hope that I can anchor my soul to (Hebrews 6:19).  It’s kind of like my half time pep talk with God.

I don’t know what your daily life looks like but I would encourage you to find some time to spend with God.  Read His Word, pray or just sit in the stillness.  It doesn’t matter what your quiet time looks like,  What matters is that you allow God to renew you.  Allow yourself to be willing to let God refresh you.  Let His words wash over you, renewing you from the inside out.  The hardest part is taking the time but once you take that step, God will meet you there.  He is already waiting for you to come to Him.  He desires to be with you.  Do you desire to be with Him?

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